Leisure Finance

Sun setting over timeshare resort

If you are a timeshare retailer we have bespoke funding available.


Lady on beach about to go surfing

Whether you sell the dream holiday or one week packages we can offer finance to your customers.

Lodges & Caravans

Holiday lodge financed by whole or fractional ownership

If you sell whole or fractional ownership we have the right solution for you.



We can offer interest free or interest bearing finance which often increases customer purchases.


Image showing bride and groom dancing

Whether it is for the venue or wedding planners we can offer finance solutions for your customers.

Medical Finance

Lady in a dentist surgery

Whether you’re a dentist or provide skin treatments or laser eye surgery, we have finance solutions available.

Other Products

If you sell any other products then please call us and let us talk through our solutions which may fit your business best.

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